Workplace Safety Startup, TeleSafety, Secures Seed Funding for Growth

TeleSafety Features Include

One serious OSHA violation can cost $13k with the average inspection costing $40k ... can you afford that?

Expand Your Team

On-demand access to OSHA Experts expands your safety team and increases the reach of your safety support.

OSHA Experts

Developed by industry veterans with experience walking job-sites and litigating OSHA fines, Telesafety experts recently helped a client reach 1 million man-hours without a lost time accident.


Launches in minutes. Simply snap a photo with a brief description or question and a Telesafety expert will respond with advice.

Daily Support

All posts are reviewed by industry safety experts who provide expert analysis, provide OSHA citation and even recommend corrective action.

Emergency Support

When unplanned OSHA Inspections, Accidents or Injuries occur a safety expert is ready to assist!


TeleSafety is affordable. For less than $2 a day, you can have access to on-demand workplace safety experts.

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